Four Simple Questions

We are constantly challenged to do better, to be more productive, more profitable, have better team relationships, to introduce new technology, market more effectively and the list goes on and on.
 With it can come feelings of anxiety, frustration and overwhelm.

How can we simplify this so that we know we are in control and the practice isn’t in control of us? A great place to start is to ask four really great questions…

Coaching High Performance Teams

By definition, a high performance team is one that has blended together two primary components – the Achievement Component and the Relationship Component. In the Achievement Component, the team is very clear about their vision, shared goals, tasks and common interests. In addition to their clarity of knowledge about them, they are extremely committed to achieving them. In the Relationship Component, members of the team have caring, loving relationships within the team. As friends, they exhibit strong evidence of trust, respect and support and yet these characteristics do not prevent them from holding each other accountable to a high standard. The leader of a high performance team must understand the balance necessary between the two components…

Pain-Free Dentistry for the Dentist: You Deserve It!

By Sandy Richardson, Peak Performance Coach

It’s amazing to realize that nearly all dentists, hygienists and assistants experience some sort of physical pain—some on a daily basis. Most often it’s in the neck, shoulders and lower back. The distraction of pain causes reduced commitment and inconsistent results, whether in patient care, leadership of team, personal fitness or quality of life.

A Doctor’s Upbeat Response to Our Latest ASL Conference

Imagine gaining new insights and skills which transform both your work practice and life. You soar to new heights while also feeling an ease and balance? A spark ignites and fans the flames until your soul is on fire and you radiate a full brilliance for the world to see. How is such growth possible and what does this have to do with success?

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