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Our Coaches have a philosophical and operational understanding of outstanding pediatric practice and will help you and your team become a great provider of children’s oral health care.

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A one-day analysis of your business including profitability, fees, scheduling, marketing, new patient sources, staffing, strategic planning, goals and organization. A full list of recommendations is delivered that day accompanying a comprehensive report.

A series of two-day seminars that teach both basic and advanced skills to you and your team that encompasses all areas of management, communication and enrollment. Attendance at this Continuum is mandatory for all participants. Concurrent with the Continuum, your coach will help you and your team implement these skills into the everyday functioning of the practice. The success of this implementation is in large part measured by a series of web based monitors that track and measure all the significant aspects of your business. As a practice under contract with TRG Coaching, you are invited to revisit all of the Practice Mastery Continuum sessions, which run continuously throughout the year. This works well as a refresher for the entire team as well as new additions to your team.

You will have your own online database dashboard of monitors to track all the significant aspects of your business, including strategic planning and trends.
The purpose of this consult is to ensure that all systems and technologies of The Practice Mastery Continuum are integrated into the practice. These are held when the Doctor and coach deem them necessary.

Concurrent with the Continuum, TRG Coaching provides support and direction in all other areas of the practice business, including and not limited to the design and creation of marketing materials, forms, job descriptions, office policies, staff recruitment and screening, fee schedule reviews, practice financing, cash flow forecasts, budgets, planning, goal setting, associate screening and contracts, and strategic planning.

This annual two-day seminar, for doctor and entire team, held in the Fall, is an energizing program with speakers and workshops and fun events to revitalize your practice.
Advanced Strategic Leadership is a annual Springtime gathering of doctors to openly share results and performance, as well as coach each other.  The mission is to enhance the standard of care provided to patients, while creating fulfillment and balance in their own lives, families, and the teams that support them.

Every client of TRG Coaching will have access to participate in an online email mastermind forum for doctors only. The purpose of this forum is to ask questions of colleagues and discuss challenges, technology, patient care, and products.

Hygienists have the opportunity to join an online forum to mastermind topics, such as patient care, technology, and products with other hygienists.

Your administrative team has the opportunity to join an online email forum. The purpose of this forum is to mastermind with other administrative teams re: patient care, coding, communication, computer reports and usage, etc.


This is a monthly newsletter delivered to you via email and archived on the Clients section of TRG Coaching website. This newsletter provides information for team meetings and gives you and your team ideas for personal and professional growth.

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Child smiling big in the dentist chair
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This brief video from AAPD highlights the importance of taking a child to see a pediatric dentist.

It is with pleasure that I am recommending The Richardson Group as dental coaches. Who says you can’t teach new tricks to an old dog? After 18 years as an independent contractor, they supported me through pre-purchase and transformation of culture within the dental practice. They delivered on their promise to help me build a team of self-managed professionals. We are successful and having fun doing it. It is hard to say what I value most, as the various components of their offerings continue to bubble up with timely tips and needed perspective. These include:

• Training sessions with your team,

• On-line forum for dentists which is quite active and free-ranging,

• Coaching calls on tickly staffing issues, (and anything else you want to talk about!)

• Systems analysis of financials and practice numbers,

• Specific recommendations to increase scheduling/collections efficiency,

• Marketing support and recommendations (including some design),

• Placing employment ads and doing preliminary screening of candidates,

• Nudging you to do those things you SHOULD do, but often don’t…. MONITORS, HIPAA, raise fees,

• Helping me understand and strengthen my own leadership style.

I cannot thank Alan and Sandy Richardson enough for helping me understand my business, and what we need to focus on in order to fulfill our mission to “grow healthy smiles, with care and laughter, for a lifetime.” For those of us at Playhouse Dental, the investment we have made with TRG and necessarily in ourselves has been worth it! If I can provide you with further information or insight, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sarah Hill, DDS, MSD

Playhouse Dental Clinic

The Richardson Group has been instrumental to the success and growth of our pediatric dental practice for over thirty years. My professional, personal and spiritual growth is their priority. TRG has your back!

TRG will challenge you both professionally and personally. A perfect compliment to any high achiever.
Charlie Toillion, DDS

Children's Choice Dental Group

The Richardson Group has been instrumental in teaching us the business of dentistry, creating systems that are effective and efficient and building relationships with our team and patients/parents.  Julie, our coach, has helped Neal and me realize that our dream can be a reality by empowering our team to be leaders themselves.  I would absolutely recommend The Richardson Group to anyone looking for a team approach to how they want their practice to function.

Drs. Amy and Neal Smith

Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry

The Richardson Group Pediatrics Dental Coaching

The Richardson Group gave me the support and confidence as a young practice owner to put systems in place and make the hard choices that would set me up for success.  Success in finding the right people to surround myself with and support me so that we all enjoy coming to work and providing a top-notch experience for our patients and parents.  As well as success in helping me achieve my number one goal of having as much time with my young family as possible, while maintaining a thriving practice. I would recommend The Richardson Group for anyone feeling like they are unsure of how to juggle the many aspects of being a small business owner and a healthcare provider.  We are required to wear so many hats that it can be overwhelming at times. It has been such a valuable tool to have my coach to lean on for support and guidance.  From staff issues, including hiring, firing, retaining and rewarding a high quality staff, to analyzing every aspect of the business, I have gained so much from the collective knowledge of all the coaches.  I know I have personally benefitted and so have my staff, patients and my family, from the quality coaching of TRG.

Dr. Nolan Gerlach

Bellevue Pediatric Dentistry

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