We are constantly challenged to do better, to be more productive, more profitable, have better team relationships, to introduce new technology, market more effectively and the list goes on and on.
 With it can come feelings of anxiety, frustration and overwhelm.

How can we simplify this so that we know we are in control and the practice isn’t in control of us? A great place to start is to ask four really great questions:

What do we need to do more of?

Let’s examine everything we are currently doing and decide whether or not it is really working well. If it is, can we do more of it? Are there similar activities that we could add more emphasis to in order to get a better outcome. For example, when we enroll treatment well, was there an activity, a specific way of presenting, or specific verbiage that produced a great outcome? As a specialist, was there some activity we completed that increased our referrals? Such as consistent communication with referring doctors, care calls to patients in the evening. Is it possible to repeat that on a regular basis to get better results more consistently?

What do we need to do less of?

As we were examining everything we are currently doing – what activities did we identify that are regarded as unnecessary and at the same time, do they need to be done in detail or as frequently? Can we do less of them? Are we duplicating any tasks or procedures? Are some things a waste of time and not effective?

What do we need to start doing?

Think of things that we are not doing that could be significant and important to getting better results. When we review the Practice Wellness Wheel, where are our weaknesses? Is it new patient numbers enrolled into operative, lack of open time in hygiene, no chart auditing or follow up, decrease in referral numbers? What do we need to Start doing to have a significant impact on practice profitability.

Does the doctor need to start taking additional CE so that the practice can improve patient care? Do we need to start billing daily to reduce receivables? What new marketing do we need to start? What things have we heard others offices do that we need to start doing? Think outside the box. This is a place that won’t accept ‘yeah buts’.

What do we need to stop doing?

Inevitably, in all businesses, actions and procedures are commenced with the best of intentions to address an activity or need that was appropriate and necessary at the time. Change occurs all the time and the need for certain tasks and procedures disappears. Identify time-wasting activities that push you away from your primary objectives. The best question to ask is, ‘If we stopped doing this, what would happen?’ If the answer is ‘nothing’, then stop it! What clinical procedures were started and no longer are adding profitability or are now preventing more productive procedures from taking place?

Mastermind these four questions with your Team, create an action plan, become more effective, and increase your results!

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