Overview of TRG Coaching Services

When you call TRG Coaching, a coach will conduct a brief telephone interview to establish your most immediate needs. During that conversation, a date will be set for a coach to spend a day in your practice fully evaluating the practice history, examining how your office functions from scheduling to hygiene, enrollment to marketing, and financial management to profitability.

A one-day analysis of your business including profitability, fees, scheduling, marketing, new patient sources, staffing, strategic planning, goals and organization. A full list of recommendations is delivered that day accompanying a comprehensive report.


A series of two-day seminars that teach both basic and advanced skills to you and your team that encompasses all areas of management, communication and enrollment. Attendance at this Continuum is mandatory for all participants. Concurrent with the Continuum, your coach will help you and your team implement these skills into the everyday functioning of the practice. The success of this implementation is in large part measured by a series of web based monitors that track and measure all the significant aspects of your business.

As a practice under contract with TRG Coaching, you are invited to revisit all of the Practice Mastery Continuum sessions, which run continuously throughout the year. This works well as a refresher for the entire team as well as new additions to your team.


Concurrent with the Continuum, TRG Coaching provides support and direction in all other areas of the practice business, including and not limited to the design and creation of marketing materials, forms, job descriptions, office policies, staff recruitment and screening, fee schedule reviews, practice financing, cash flow forecasts, budgets, planning, goal setting, associate screening and contracts and strategic planning.


The purpose of this consult is to ensure that all systems and technologies of The Practice Mastery Continuum are integrated into the practice. These are held when the Doctor and coach deem them necessary.


You will have your own online database dashboard of monitors to track all the significant aspects of your business, including strategic planning and trends.


This annual two-day seminar, for doctor and entire team, held in the Fall, is an energizing program with speakers and workshops and fun events to revitalize your practice.


Advanced Strategic Leadership is an annual gathering of doctors whose mission is to enhance the standard of care provided to their patients, while creating fulfillment and balance in their own lives, families, and the teams that support them. For owner doctors only who have completed the Continuum, this is a powerful day and a half event for doctors to openly share results and performance, as well as coach each other.


Every client of TRG Coaching will have access to participate in an online email mastermind forum for doctors only. The purpose of this forum is to ask questions of colleagues and comment on emails re: challenges, technology, patient care, products.


Hygienists have the opportunity to join an online forum to mastermind topics, such as patient care, technology, and products with other hygienists.


Your administrative team has the opportunity to join an online email forum. The purpose of this forum is to mastermind with other administrative teams regarding patient care, coding, communication, computer reports and usage, etc.


This is a monthly newsletter delivered to you via email and archived on the VIP Clients-only section of this website. This newsletter provides information for team meetings and gives you and your team ideas for personal and professional growth.

Take the first step in transforming your business.

We offer a complimentary and no-obligation strategy session to discuss your practice needs and performance goals.

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