The success of Dr. Cary Simonds, of Oral Surgery Plus in Spokane, Washington, is one of the reasons The Richardson Group Team gets to celebrate 25 years.

Q: What was the biggest challenge that you solved with the coaching of The Richardson Group?

Wow – that’s difficult to answer in just a few words. I think The Richardson Group has been instrumental in keeping our large (and very successful) group specialty practice on point and focused on the most important essentials in maintaining a high-performance business. We are all individuals with our own management styles – and keeping us together and also constantly staying abreast of all the changes happening in our complex contemporary world of dentistry.

Dr. Cary SimondsQ: What are the benefits of utilizing The Richardson Group services for so many years?

Honestly, I don’t think our practice would have survived, let alone prospered, without The Richardson Group. They have taken a willing and needy practice and turned it from a surviving practice into one of the most profitable businesses in our field. Somehow they appropriately coach both our doctors and our other team members towards accomplishing our shared goals and aspirations.

 Q: Where do you find the most value in The Richardson Group?

This is a difficult question because I actually view them as part of our administrative team. They are involved in every aspect of our practice– and their experience maintains credibility and value in all of what they do! For example, most of what makes a specialty practice ‘Special” is persistently doing the RIGHT THINGS over and over again… a dentist has limited time and wisdom/experience– and that’s where The Richardson Group fills in with their expertise and constant, never ending coaching towards improvement.

Thank you, Doctor Simonds!

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