The success of Dr. Jim Dorosh, of Dorosh Dental in Spokane, WA, is one of the reasons The Richardson Group Team gets to celebrate 25 years.

Q: What was the biggest challenge that you solved with the coaching of The Richardson Group?

In the beginning, (early 90’s), straight out of dental school, we floundered around for a few years trying to run a business that I had no idea how to run. ‘I didn’t know what I didn’t know.’ So we got involved by referral. I learned what the business of dentistry really was. I began to learn what being a boss meant. Also all our systems were old school, we learned a lot in those first years and became a more modern office.

Q: What are the benefits of utilizing The Richardson Group services for so many years?

Over the years, the top benefits are consistency and accountability. After the first few years with TRG we were doing well. A time came when we thought that maybe we didn’t need help anymore, and I learned that I was the type of boss that was more big picture and timid. Dare I say that I let staff get away with things rather than correct them in non-confrontational ways. Over the years, I found that I needed coaching to keep my practice and me on the right track. The years of mentorship meant the world to me.

 Q: Where do you find the most value in The Richardson Group?

The most value comes when I ask … they are available. When I ask, they are friendly. When I ask, they are experts. They know and share answers in a kind and timely manner. Over the last 12 months, when I needed their help, due to a change in staffing, TRG was available for me. There is nothing better than in-office training for staff in new positions. I have grown personally.

Thank you, Dr. Jim Dorosh!

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